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Cognac vs Whiskey: What Are the Variations


Whiskey’s reputation is surging in recent times and for good purpose. The wide range of whiskeys accessible means nearly anybody can discover one they get pleasure from. Many individuals who like whiskey may be stunned to search out additionally they admire cognac. These two distilled spirits have many similarities and, after all, fairly a number of variations as effectively. In the event you’re curious to study extra about cognac vs. whiskey, we’ve the whole lot it is advisable to know!

Distilled Spirits



Each whiskey and cognac are distilled spirits. Each are created by way of the method of fermentation whereby sugars are transformed to ethanol. They’re then aged in barrels. Typically talking, the longer the spirits age within the barrels, the smoother the style will likely be. The barrels themselves additionally contribute to each the colour and style of the spirits. Scottish whiskey and cognac are additionally each distilled in pot stills at a low proof.


Like whisky, Cognac is matured in oak casks. New spirit is positioned into new Limousin oak, then typically moved into older, extra impartial casks. In contrast to whisky, Cognac historically eschews particular age statements in favor of broader age classes. The opening normal is VS (very particular), aged not less than 2 years in cask. VSOP (very superior outdated pale) is not less than four years outdated; Napoléon is aged a minimal of 6 years; and as of April 2018, XO (additional outdated) spends not less than a decade in a barrel. Nevertheless, some Cognac labeled XO is way older than the minimal in apply, typically by a few many years or extra. Some producers additionally now launch Cognacs with conventional age statements, like Courvoisier’s 21 12 months outdated. –Whisky Advocate



Grapes used for making cognac brandy


The massive distinction in cognac vs whiskey is the bottom product being distilled. Cognac is a brandy constituted of grapes, primarily a distilled wine. Solely brandy made within the Cognac area of France could also be referred to as a Cognac.


Cognac’s appellation of origin regulates the whole lot, from which grapes can be utilized and the place they’re grown to how they’re vinified, distilled, and aged. The commonest grapes utilized in Cognac are the white grapes Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche, and Colombard. They make skinny and unremarkable wines, however are reworked with distillation and growing older. The Cognac area surrounds the city of the identical identify in a coastal area close to Bordeaux. Inside Cognac are six rising areas, referred to as crus, delineated by their soil. They’re Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies, Bons Bois, Fin Bois, and Bois Ordinaires. -Whisky Advocate


The grapes are fermented into an acidic wine. The juice is fermented about 5 days earlier than distilling. Cognac is constituted of a double distillation course of. This produces what’s often called eaux-de-vie. The eaux-de-vie is then aged in oak barrels or casks.



Grains used for making whiskey


Whiskey, alternatively, is constituted of grains, normally barley. It’s could or might not be malted first, then combined with yeast and water then distilled.


The method of distilling will increase the alcohol content material of the liquid and brings out risky parts, each good and dangerous. Stills are normally fabricated from copper, which helps strip spirits of undesirable taste and aroma compounds. Almost all whiskies are aged in wooden—normally oak—containers.  Bourbon, rye, and different forms of American whiskey have to be aged in new charred oak barrels, whereas for different nations’ types, the kind of oak and its earlier use are usually left as much as the producer. Barrels are saved in warehouses, and because the whisky matures, a few of the alcohol evaporates: This is called the angels’ share, and it creates a definite (and wonderful) scent within the warehouse. -Whisky Advocate


When exploring cognac vs. whiskey, we see that they’re fairly completely different. Many lovers of 1 additionally benefit from the different. For extra spirit inspiration along with brandy, discover From Don Julio to Gran Patron: Our Favourite Luxurious Tequilas.